My 5 year Success Plan

Goal to become a writer and a thought leader with a goal to become independent and find ways to helping others over the course of time

Leadership is an interesting topic.  Most link this to performance related to work however I see this as a trait to be exhibited in your everyday life – how you behave, respond to criticism and interact with others are all necessary to demonstrate leadership.  Over the past few weeks I have had to look inward to identify means to develop myself and also the people around me while recognizing the gaps in me and finding ways to bridge the same or cope it thru other means.  I am currently going thru a phase at work where the business I manager will be broken into 4 and sold in pieces.  As a leader I am trying to ensure that the message I provide to my team is upbeat and positive so as the business is spunoff employees going with the deals are optimistic about their future and have something worth while to look forward.  I have empowered certain employees to drive some of the divestitures being available as an advisory if the situation demands.  Some have responded and some have taken a different path to getting to the end goal.  None are wrong in the same.

As I look thru the traits of leadership and how I can continue to grow as a leader – I listen to the founder of Infosys, Mr. Krishnamurthy and in his mind leadership is about 2 things – ability to receive and accept feedback and willingness to keep learning from everyone.  I am guilty of not doing one thing which is accepting feedback.  Something I intend to act on going forward.  I am also envisioning a change in roles in the near future which will help me to work in an unfamiliar environment allowing me to hone on the skills I discussed as opportunities to grow upon.  Q4′ 2018 will be a great time for me to build my future and I intend to make it a great one.

As for the challenges I started with the blog on – folks who borrowed money from me have turned a deaf ear including a relative who not only forgot that I lent him money but has now begun to avoid conversations.  Another person appears to be genuine in her efforts to find ways to pay back but falling short in every avenue she has pursued.  So net net a disappointment in this front.  I have been successfully paying down the LOC debt and the pace at which I have been going I should be able to borrow another tranche of $35K by March of 2019.  If I continue this process I should payoff my mortgage by 2022 which will be 24 years early to the loan terms :).  A moment to cherish about once that happens.

My daughter volunteers at a shelter each week and now grown fondness to another dog to take care off.  I worry I will end up with a double duty should this happen given we already have a spoiled brat (lab) who needs attention all the time and is the alpha pack leader.  Life is interesting in so many ways.  My daughter is doing a noble deed and the shelter is her happy place.  Hopefully we as a family can make a difference in another pet’s life in the near future.