My 5 year Success Plan

Goal to become a writer and a thought leader with a goal to become independent and find ways to helping others over the course of time

People go thru various motions each day and have adapted various means to addressing the pressures and stress in lives.  As the world was glued to the TV watching the story unfold about the 12 kids stuck in a cave for 3 weeks…news is out now that the way they kept their sanity and composure was thru practice of meditation that allowed them to stay calm and respect each other.  The following video blew my mind away to the power of meditation

An update on my goals.  I have reduced my line of credit debt by $12.5K in the last 3 months.  At this pace I should be able to pay off my LOC by end of the year and also reduce the principal on mortgage by $35K for the year.  As I continue to drive this path I should be on target to pay off my mortgage in the next 5 years.