My 5 year Success Plan

Goal to become a writer and a thought leader with a goal to become independent and find ways to helping others over the course of time

Even as I chart my 5 year plan – and as I listen and watch the changes happening there is a need to adjust myself in how I train myself for the future.  A lot more AI and machine learning coming our way.  I envision houses becoming independent power centers – can you imagine having solar paneled houses with battery storage to sustain electricity without the need for the grid……how about if the same battery storage units can be used in automobiles to drive you from place A to B…better yet how about the automobile is a flying drone that can take you to work 1000 miles away in an hour so you can be back home for supper.  Can we build a technology (like in startrek :)) that can shield every individual on earth from harm – protect kids and women from abuse and eradicate some of the societal menace.  Can we find a fix for all the plastic waste being generated each day across the globe…what if ?